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Herbalism bags: an ecological solution for bulk sales

the 21/06/2023

The advantages of selling in bulk for herbalists

Selling in bulk has many advantages for herbalists. It helps reduce the use of plastic and other packaging materials, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment. Additionally, it allows customers to choose the exact amount they need, reducing waste and providing greater flexibility in experimenting with different herbs and plants.

The importance of herbalism sachets

Sachets play an essential role in bulk sales for herbalists. They help maintain the quality and freshness of plants, while facilitating transport and storage. Sachets specially designed for herbalism are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as cotton, linen or recycled kraft paper.

The different options for herbalism sachets

On the market, there are a variety of ecological sachets suitable for bulk sale in herbalists. Cotton bags are reusable, durable and allow herbs to breathe. Kraft paper bags are an economical and eco-friendly option, ideal for dry herbs.

Tips for choosing the right herbalist bags

When choosing sachets for herbalism, it is important to take into account a few criteria. The size of the sachets should correspond to the quantity of herbs sold in bulk, avoiding wasted space. The durability of the sachets is also essential to ensure long-term reuse. Finally, opt for aesthetically appealing pouches as they contribute to the overall customer experience.


Herbal bags are an eco-friendly solution for bulk sales, offering many benefits to herbalists and customers. By opting for sustainable and environmentally friendly sachets, herbalists can commit to a more responsible approach and encourage their customers to do the same. Do not hesitate to discover our range of ecological bags on

Discover our “Holiday Special” category

the 15/06/2023

Packaging to celebrate every occasion


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to show your love and affection to your loved ones. Our eco-friendly packaging helps you create a romantic atmosphere and give special gifts to your loved ones. Choose from our fabric bags with heart designs or our recycled cardboard gift boxes to wrap your Valentine's Day gifts. Don't forget to add a personal touch with ribbons, labels or customizable accessories to make your gifts unforgettable!


Mothers' Day

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. This year, add a touch of originality to your gift with our packaging specially designed for this occasion. Opt for our reusable fabric bags with sweet patterns and messages to show your maternal love. Our recycled cardboard gift boxes are also perfect for giving precious presents to your mother, while being environmentally friendly.


Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day is a joyful and festive holiday celebrated by many people around the world. If you are planning to celebrate this special day, remember to choose packaging that reflects the spirit of this holiday. Our customizable kraft bags with clovers and Irish motifs will be perfect for wrapping your St. Patrick's Day gifts and souvenirs. You can also opt for our festive labels to add a touch of Irish charm to your packaging.



A wedding is an unforgettable event, and every detail counts to create the perfect atmosphere. Our wedding packaging is designed to enhance your thank you gifts, your souvenirs for guests and your small presents. Opt for our customizable fabric bags to present guest gifts such as sugared almonds or small symbolic objects. Our cardboard boxes with elegant designs offer a practical and aesthetic solution for packaging your special gifts for the bride and groom.

Printing your logo on your packaging

the 20/05/2022

Create tailor-made packaging that suits you!

At Ecobag, we listen to your needs to offer you the best customization solution. Whether you are a craftsman or a department store, we will find among our hundreds of customizable references the one that will meet your expectations.

Essential steps for your project

Creation of a computer proof, manufacturing of a sample for the jute bags... Several stages allow us to validate your project together, so that you can be confident about the overall smooth progress of the personalization of your packaging.


sac kraft personnalisé

The advantages of personalized packaging

- Visibility around your place of sale: customers who leave your store will convey your name by walking around with your logoed bag.
- Gives added value to the products you sell
- Stand out from your competitors by offering unique, high-quality and careful packaging!

Our achievements

Nothing better than being able to show you examples of our personalized packaging creations.

Discover all types of customizable bags (jute, cotton, kraft, non-woven, polypro...), on boxes for your wine or beer bottles... We use several printing techniques following your request in terms quantity and finishes: screen printing, pad printing, hot printing, etc.


ISOTHERM and COOLERS collection

the 20/05/2022

A wide range of insulated products

From a simple, lightweight insulated pouch to store food for a short trip... To an insulated basket for your picnics and family moments... You will find a wide choice of coolers in our "Isothermal bags" category


Some insulated bags can be used to deliver your packed lunches to individuals... They have zippers for the airtight side, and will keep freshness and heat for a worry-free delivery!

We also offer a thermal transport case for larger deliveries. Pizzas will stay hot and salads fresh thanks to this product designed for scooter deliveries, for example.

Polypro or plastic cooler bags sell very well at the checkout, with very attractive value for money! The chosen design is summery, and makes you want to get these insulated bags. Don’t wait to discover them.

sac isotherme

Discover our entire collection of insulated bags and coolers, for your grocery store, fresh and local produce business, local boutique and wine cellar!

Gift boxes for your best moments

the 04/02/2020

Discover on our website a unique collection of packaging for all your desires

We offer you a varied range of gift boxes and packaging boxes. Choose from various materials, various prints, various designs...

We let you discover them:


Our cardboard boxes


We offer you gift boxes: they have a lid for quick packaging.

We also have cardboard boxes with magnetic closures. The prints on our cardboard gift boxes are original and impactful.

boite cadeau carton

For the presentation of your packages, your corporate gifts, gourmet gifts... This is easy-to-use packaging.

Discover luxury boxes, with magnificent finishes: the fabric knot, the window allowing you to see your products...

You can enhance your presentation by adding curls to the inside of your boxes, to hold your products in place.

You can make these cardboard boxes freely available in your store: the customer puts together their own box

or you can create already predefined garnished baskets, the presentation is perfect and your customers are delighted!


We have also developed a complete range of cardboard packaging for your chocolates and macaroons.

These packages have perfect finishes, with gold interior, interior separations so that the cakes remain stable and do not damage.

Find cardboard drawer packaging for your macarons in this category. Pastry boxes for your luxury pastries.

There are also packaging for logs with windows, log boxes for end-of-year celebrations, and also pastry boxes to wrap your slices of cake and your best cakes.


Finally, we have various packaging sizes: rectangular natural cardboard boxes for packaging your textiles.

you can use it as a shipping box. The finishes are simple but effective, for an authentic look.

For our professional customers who sell on the internet, we have thought about their shipping packaging

Whether for textiles, jam jars, wine or beer bottles...


Our glass boxes

new this year, we have selected a glass candy box, for beautiful presentations of your products in your stores,

Glass is a healthy material, you can place biscuits and other sweets directly inside, for an authentic and refined presentation.


Our metal boxes

For your herbal teas, biscuits, sugars, pasta... for all your bulk sales... opt for these vintage metal boxes

Our metal boxes have original designs that can perfectly match your products.

All our metal packaging is in this category. Discover our metal tea boxes, our metal boxes for spaghetti, our metal sugar boxes.


Our transparent boxes

To make your items stand out, you can opt for transparent boxes. We also offer cardboard bases for transparent boxes.

Ideal for wrapping small objects, or small pots. A simple presentation so that your items are visible to your customers on your shelves.


A collection of fashion bags made from natural materials

the 07/08/2019

Discover dozens of fashion/fashion bag models on our website.

These bags are classified into several categories: tote bags, jute bags, denim bags, cotton bags.

They are intended to be resold in your accessories and ready-to-wear store, or on your stand if you are a market reseller.

You can find variations of bags with several different patterns, colors or materials.


Our market tote bags

To go to the market, we generally opt for a large capacity shopping bag so that we can stock up on fruits and vegetables for the week.

It is important that the shopping bag on the market is resistant and robust, but also trendy!

Some of our market tote bags have a closing system for added security, some models also have a small pocket inside

Our market tote bags are available in several materials: jute, palm, rush, cotton... there is something for everyone.


Our denim bags

These bags are made from 100% recycled material, since they are real jeans!

Original, robust and trendy... Recycled jeans are also interesting from the perspective of preserving the environment! Make a gesture for the planet by offering your customers fashion bags made from recycled material!

Our cotton fashion bags

Cotton has become trendy in recent years, especially with cotton totebags. We offer you fashion cotton bags, to resell in your boutique/accessories store.

Some are very elaborate, in bi-materials, with pompoms and zippers... There is something for everyone. Be trendy for summer but also all the rest of the year.

Our range of biodegradable tableware

the 19/03/2019

Our range of biodegradable tableware

Preserving the environment is currently a recurring and very important theme for us, a major issue for our present and our future. We always try to take into account current events and world concerns in order to offer our customers consumer products that are ever more respectful of our planet.

In this sense, we therefore decided to launch a range of completely biodegradable tableware.

This category will allow caterers, restaurateurs, town halls and communities to organize more environmentally friendly events. This type of biodegradable tableware can be presented for your banquets, receptions, picnics.

By offering biodegradable and compostable tableware (plates, cutlery, cups), you are doing something for our planet!

Discover all our biodegradable tableware by clicking here


A 100% green coffee break

Discover our 100% plant-based Bio cups made without any chemical or petroleum materials and are resistant to very high temperatures (up to 90°). We offer them in several sizes. These biodegradable cups are suitable for tea, coffee, hot chocolate... Or any other hot drink. This eco-responsible tableware will have its place in the work coffee machine, for a well-deserved break! Click here to discover our paper cups and our 100% plant-based organic cups!

Meal trays and trays

For catering and takeaway sales, you can find trays made from plant fibers and paper, 100% compostable. A way to make fast food healthier and cleaner for our environment.

Biodegradable meal trays can be used in all types of public establishments, such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc. Often, served in plastic trays, meal trays made from sugar cane are ideal. Both water and heat resistant. You can therefore also serve hot meals. 100% compostable and biodegradable, this meal tray is made from natural material to be in accordance with your ecological ideals.

Biodegradable and ecological cutlery

Have you ever thought about wooden cutlery? Made from birch wood, we offer you a whole assortment of small wooden spoons, wooden spoons, wooden forks and wooden knives. Very popular for receptions, meetings, or even with family... a little picnic in nature, zero plastic! Our ecological and natural cutlery is essential for anyone who wants to take care of our planet by banishing. Our quality wooden cutlery is available here!

Metal packaging boxes

the 04/01/2019

We have just created a whole new category of packaging, to always better meet your needs!

These are metal packaging and metal boxes for your store. Discover our entire range by clicking here.

Store your teas, coffee or cocoa in pretty patterned metal boxes. There is something for everyone: metal box packaging with cat motifs, prints for teas and herbal teas, metallic glittering star packaging...

Perfect for your grocery store, or even for the packaging of beauty products... Offer quality packaging to your customers, for the presentation of your biscuits and sweets in beautiful metal boxes.

We offer simple metal boxes, round or square metal boxes... with attractive and chic patterns.

Metal packaging to offer in your pastry shop, tea room, local store selling local products, etc. For the bulk sale of dry products, these are original containers.


You can just as easily sell these metallized boxes empty or filled with your best products. Your customers will love it: these metal boxes are reusable and very practical to leave available in your kitchen, for example. Both decorative and practical!


Also discover our range of metal spaghetti boxes! (also suitable for pasta and rice)

Metal packaging is also used as sugar boxes!!!


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need information about our products

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

the 29/05/2018

Discover our range of packaging for your fruit and vegetable store and point of sale. Are you a fruit and vegetable producer, reseller, do you go to markets? You need quality packaging to offer to your customers, for ever better service.

Think about jute shopping bags, they are very popular with market gardeners and producers. Their interior coating makes them easy to wash. Fruit that is too ripe or damaged can stain the bag, but the interior protection allows you to quickly wipe it with a sponge to remove the residue. Practical, strong, ecological, natural and durable, this jute bag for fruits and vegetables allows you to do these shopping while adopting a zero waste lifestyle. Jute is a plant, a noble and authentic material which will highlight the healthy products that you grow: apple, pear, strawberry, cherries, apricots, peaches, lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage.

Our range of polypro bags is expanding! We offer you original patterns, with prints from your region, prints by theme/job... polypro bags are practical for shopping, they remain essential, every family has at least one! For your fruit and vegetable store, we have several models. Highlight your business and your products with fruit and vegetable polypro bags that suit you!

We also offer a range of “Fruit and Vegetable” kraft paper bags. They exist in several sizes depending on the kilos to be packaged. We also have pre-printed fruit and vegetable kraft bags, or other neutral kraft bags. Customers generally prefer to use kraft bags when shopping at your fruit and vegetable store. They are authentic and resistant much more natural than plastic bags. Recently, we added a new reference to our range, with kraft bags bearing the “AB Agriculture Biologique” logo. Click here to discover them. Perfectly suited for your organic fruits and vegetables, your customers will be delighted! These kraft bags can also be used in supermarkets in the organic bulk section.

The packaging of your fruits and vegetables is essential and becomes a major issue for your sales! Highlight your goods with authentic packaging made from noble materials.

Your packaging with personalized marking

the 27/07/2017

ECOBAG Store offers you a wide choice of personalized packaging.

Personalized boxes for wine bottles, kraft paper bags printed with your logo, boxes for beer bottles with your logo, burlap bags printed with your logo, cotton bag with your image...

Discover our range of products with personalized marking by clicking here.

Kraft paper bags and cardboard boxes for bottles: The ideal packaging for your store

Create a unique packaging model, print your packaging in your image. Gift packaging is essential for your store: it protects your products, highlights them and above all advertises your store.

Your customers will be delighted to leave with superb personalized packaging, and this will advertise you in a wider area around your store. Discover the wide range of products with personalized marking that we offer you.

We can personalize boxes for wine bottles from 500 pieces using pad printing or hot stamping (relief printing on the cardboard).

Kraft paper bags can be personalized from 500 pieces, with 1 color printing on both sides.

Cotton and burlap bags: sustainable, reusable and natural packaging!

We also offer custom cotton and burlap bags. Your customers will be delighted to have a reusable bag to do their shopping, come to your store... Whether to put local products in burlap bags, items

from your stores in cotton tote bags.

These bags are very practical, you can discover our collection of natural jute bags, like the SB201 tote. We also have colorful bags for the summer season. Discover our range of bags.

Personalization of jute bags or cotton bags is possible from 500 bags. We offer screen printing. Also, discover our ECOBAG website where you will find examples of personalized bags that we

have already achieved. Our customers are numerous: local shops, organic stores, media libraries, pharmacies, butchers, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us for a sample. We can also create a computer montage with your logo! (without engagement)

Kraft bags: The collection is growing

the 06/07/2017

Discover the new products in the KRAFT EcobagStore range!

Kraft paper bags of incredible quality! A high paper weight, which makes your paper boutique bags more robust and even more beautiful.

To discover our new kraft paper bags for wine bottles, click here!

From improved finishes to aesthetic cord handles, choose LUXE kraft bags! You will not be disappointed and your customers will love it!

Come and discover all our kraft paper bags for your store, click here!

A new collection is available for kraft paper bags for wine bottles. These bags have dividers included in the 2 and 3 bottle bags.

A serious asset for these kraft bags, which further protect your best bottles. Your customers have more peace of mind when transporting the bottles they have just purchased in your store.

These bags are available in the Seta Rosso collection (red color), Seta Nero (black color), Damascato (baroque damask pattern), Crystal (Christmas pattern with snowflakes), Bordeaux...

New: COTTON bags!

the 08/06/2017

Discover the new flagship product on ECOBAG Store: the COTTON bag!

We offer you a cotton bag, the fashionable fashion tote bag.

This cotton boutique bag is customizable. Do not hesitate to send us your logo so that we can offer you a computer assembly.

Regarding the product characteristics:

The ECOBAG cotton bag measures 37 x 34 cm with a quality of 220 gr, much more resistant than all the other bags you will find on the market.

It has a 10cm bottom: thicker it can contain more things.

Pleasant touch and beautiful finishes. The handle is large enough to easily carry the bag on the shoulder.

Your customers will take it everywhere! It is a perfect product to communicate around your brand.

Cotton bag available from stock in neutral (no minimum order)

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote for the customizable cotton bag.

Find the cotton bag on our ECOBAG Store website by clicking here!

Herbal packaging

the 02/05/2017

We are very often asked for specific packaging requests to preserve and preserve your dry and aromatic plants.

We now offer you a whole new category which will allow you to have an overview of the products that we select best for you and your herbalist activity.

The packaging of flowers, dried plants, aromatic plants, herbal teas and teas must be done with the greatest care to be able to preserve all the qualities of your herbs.

We offer you a complete range of kraft paper bags (suitable for food contact). Choose your kraft paper bags for herbalism with or without window: several sizes are available.

Doypacks and their airtight ZIPs will also appeal to you.


Discover our brand new range of colored kraft paper packaging: White and Black for a little luxury and elegance, Lavender and Almond Green for some pep in your store! Enough to satisfy your customers and change from authentic natural kraft paper!


Also discover our new range of kraft paper bags with XXL window: for a better overview of your products.


Other products will be added soon, to extend this range and best meet your needs!

Welcome to the new ECOBAG Store website!

the 22/03/2017

We are happy to welcome you to our new ECOBAG Store website!

New design and improved ergonomics: enjoy browsing our online sales site for gift packaging for professionals.


This site will be updated constantly, allowing you to have the best possible customer experience. News, best sellers, new products... We tell you everything!

We have added a menu by profession, which will allow you to more easily find your products by sector of activity.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback regarding the launch of this new site: problems encountered? suggestions for improvement? the points that you appreciated? We will take them into account carefully.


The Ecobag Store team thanks you for your trust!

Discover non-woven/non-woven bags

the 13/12/2016

Do you want to add originality to your packaging? Have you already tried cardboard boxes or kraft paper bags and want to change?

... ECOBAG invites you to try its new products in "non-woven" material, also called "non-woven".

We offer several ranges of non-woven bags:

Range of non-woven bags for wine bottles. Available for 1, 2, 3 bottles, and with original colors: two-tone black-white, black-red, green-green, natural-black.

You also have the option of choosing these bags without a window (opaque) or with a window (to be able to see your bottles in the bag).

Range of non-woven shopping bags. These non-woven bags are practical since they can be folded easily and put in a handbag. They are also stronger than a regular kraft paper bag. Opt for an original bag to offer to your customers.

Non-woven bags can be personalized with your logo. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Wooden boxes for bottles

the 29/11/2016

New products at ECOBAGSTORE, packaging for professionals

Discover our wooden pencil box boxes for your most beautiful bottles of wine. Find all the original accessories suitable for selling your bottles of wine, champagne, magnum. These wooden pencil cases are made in Europe.

The lid is sliding, for an authentic look. Carrying handles on some models. We also offer wooden boxes for Champagne or wooden pen boxes for Magnum.

Don't wait any longer to test these wooden boxes, the cushioning is included on the 2 and 3 bottle models.

Very beautiful finishes, authenticity, naturalness... these are the advantages of these wooden boxes.

New collection of kraft paper bags for Christmas

the 17/11/2016

Take advantage of the end-of-year holidays to add some fantasy to your packaging!

We have developed a new collection of kraft paper bags with Christmas designs for you.

This collection of kraft paper bags is made in Europe. Opt for the quality of European models to please your customers.

Several Christmas designs are available: More like Snowman? Santa fun? Kraft paper bags with fir tree designs?

Find the right packaging for your products. Wide choice of kraft paper bags with several sizes, and around ten different patterns. There is something for every taste ! Dare to fall for original kraft paper bags...

Your customers will be delighted to leave with your products packaged in a superb kraft paper bag with festive designs.

Discover all our kraft paper bags for your store HERE!

Personalized Jute Bags

the 20/10/2016

Running out of gift ideas for the end-of-year holidays? Do you want to please your customers with a product that reflects your image?

Opt for our ECOBAG jute bags. They are 100% customizable!

Possibility of printing on your burlap bag on both sides and in color! The burlap bag has a natural and authentic appearance.

Practical, natural, elegant... You will definitely find what you are looking for among the sizes of jute bags that we offer!

The SB201 burlap bag is OUR reference! Shopping bag format, it is suitable for media libraries, farms, grocery stores, gifts for works councils, etc. Dimensions: 35x42x17cm. Personalize your burlap bag with your logo! Strong advertising impact for your brand. Do not hesitate !

We also offer other sizes of durable and reusable burlap bags! Click here to discover them !

You can also find other products made from jute in our online store: jute bags for bottles (with or without window), jute bags for jars, jute pouches, etc.

Opt for “ecological” and “sustainable” communication with your logo printed on our burlap bags.


Contact us for a quote !

Accessories for your Christmas packages

the 03/10/2016

On our ECOBAGSTORE store, you will find accessories for your Christmas and end-of-year parcel packaging. Personalize your gift packaging endlessly!

We offer you packaging with festive prints:

Discover our patterned polypro films: “Stars” patterns, “Santa Claus” patterns, “Merry Christmas” patterns... There is something for everyone! The polypro film allows for beautiful packaging while still allowing your product to be seen.

You can also discover our kraft paper gift wraps. For natural and personalized packaging. “Christmas Decor” Patterns and “End of Year Holidays” Patterns.

These gift wraps are original: personalized packaging always pleases your customers.

Embellish your packaging with sparkling bows! The magic of Christmas also begins with gift wrapping! Discover our beautiful collection of automatic knots, several colors and dimensions are available.

Our range of Stars is also essential! Personalize your gift packaging with these colorful adhesive stars.

Don't wait to check out our kraft paper shopping bags, with superb Christmas prints. Here you will find a kraft paper bag with Christmas tree or a kraft paper Christmas gift bag.

Bring a touch of fantasy to your store with these festive packaging!

ECOBAG Store: Specialist in gift packaging

the 29/09/2016

ECOBAG Store: Specialist in gift packaging

Whether you are a professional or an association, every sale is important. All occasions are good to offer your products in suitable, quality gift packaging.

ECOBAG Store offers you its gift packaging, to use for each event:

End of year holidays, Valentine's Day, Easter, seniors' meals, your city's market, promotion around your store

For your business, don't neglect filled baskets: a beautiful presentation of your products in our cardboard baskets or our metal baskets. Add a little crimp for decoration. Then, you can continue with packaging in kraft paper gift wrap or polypro film (several designs available). To finish, opt for a roll of colorful Bolduc or Raffia. This is a personalized product that will definitely delight your customers!

Opt for natural packaging, with kraft paper bags. We offer several sizes. Whether natural, colored, gold or silver, you will definitely find the kraft paper bag you need. Strong and reusable, your customers will be able to leave with their arms full of your products!

When it comes to gift wrapping, the “must have” remains our SB201 burlap bag, a must-have! If you prefer the authentic side, opt for the bag in natural color. If you like colors, take a look at our “Ibiza” collection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to personalize your burlap bag with your logo! Personalization from 500 bags!

The essential products for your Boutique

the 05/09/2016

Do you manage a fruit and vegetable store, local products or even a ready-to-wear store? ECOBAG offers you products exclusively reserved for professionals.

Containers adapted to your products

We offer boutique bags in various materials: burlap bags, natural or colored kraft paper bags, colored non-woven bags, handmade paper bags. These boutique bags are designed to combine originality and practicality. Your customers will not be disappointed!

If you manage a wine cellar or boutique, we offer boxes of 1 bottle, boxes of 2 bottles, presentation boxes of 3 bottles of wine, boxes of 4 bottles or even boxes of 6 bottles. Whether it's table wine, champagne or even magnum, you will definitely find the wine box corresponding to your products. We offer wooden boxes or imitation leather boxes. Dare to be authentic with our burlap wine bottle bags to discover here!

For your local produce store, there’s nothing better than making garnished baskets. You will find several types of baskets on our ECOBAG online site to prepare superb packaging: cardboard baskets, wooden baskets, metal baskets... there is something for everyone!

Our packaging for confectionery/pastry will seduce you! Food packaging is essential for your activities as caterers, restaurateurs, bakers You will find products necessary for takeaway sales, but also biodegradable utensils, boxes for caterers For your confectionery, opt for printed bags to highlight your compositions !

Decorative accessories

ECOBAG offers you various ways to beautify your packaging. Opt for kraft paper curls to fill your garnished baskets, find our colorful raffias and bolducs essential for the end of year celebrations

ECOBAGSTORE products are available from stock if indicated on the site. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for a personalized quote.

Everything you need to make your filled baskets a success on ECOBAG Store

the 18/07/2016

Do you want to please your customers or employees for the end-of-year holidays?

ECOBAG Store offers you hundreds of references to make your own garnished baskets.

Create your personalized filled baskets using our wicker baskets, cardboard baskets or our metal baskets. We offer superb felt baskets for the Easter period. These products are designed to highlight your garnished basket. We also have beautiful wooden baskets, natural and durable. Ideal to satisfy your environmentally friendly customers!


Concerning the gift wrapping of your basket, you can use polypro film, which will protect your products and give cheerfulness to your packaging.

For a perfect finish, we offer beautiful bolducs, in several different colors and materials. What's better than taking care of the packaging of your products?

Automatic knots might also appeal to you, as might self-adhesive labels: there is something for everyone.

In stock, we offer different crimps which will allow you to hold the products together, so that they do not suffer any shock during transport. Whether it's kraft paper curls or parchment paper curls, don't hesitate to add this little detail to your garnished basket!


If you want to wrap your best bottles, then take a look at our collection of jute bottle bags. Several models and dimensions are available, ideal for your bottles of wine, champagne, clairette...


For successful celebrations, opt for garnished baskets: a sure value!

Maintaining your ECOBAG Jute Bag

the 08/07/2016

Have you recently purchased your jute bags from our online store ECOBAGSTORE or ECOBAG ? Have you personalized your bag in your image, to have THE unique and original jute bag for your store?

Now you want to know how to properly maintain your jute bag? We tell you everything!

Pay attention to your jute bag

To avoid all kinds of stains, obviously, you must avoid putting your jute bag on the ground (especially outside): this way you will avoid stains on the jute. Our SB201 jute bags for shops and media libraries are equipped with handles large enough to carry the bag on the shoulder constantly.

If you go shopping with your jute bag, avoid putting products that could leak directly into contact with the bag. Take some protection that you can put at the bottom of your burlap bag or surround the product with another bag. It is better to take precautions than to have to clean a stain on your burlap bag.

Hand washing

If a stain has appeared on your bag, don't panic!

Using a sponge, you can effectively remove the unsightly stain that has settled on your jute bag.

Wring out your sponge as much as possible before applying it to the bag. Do not rub the stain, but dab with the sponge otherwise the stain will spread. Then you need to dry the moistened part using a towel.

For the complete washing of your burlap bag

If you find your bag dirty or if an unsightly odor emanates from it, then you will probably want to wash your jute bag completely. It's entirely possible.

By hand with clean water: Always use cold water, as lukewarm or hot water can cause the canvas to shrink.

Handle your burlap bag with care so that it does not lose its quality.

By hand with detergent: You can use mild detergent, in small quantities, always with cold water. Do not soak your bag for more than 5 minutes.

Rinse your burlap bag well, until the water runs clear. Afterwards, leave to dry well, on a flat surface, in the open air. Above all, do not wring the burlap or twist it: this could damage it.

By machine: Machine washing is not suitable for jute bags: this system mishandles the jute material too much, this will damage your bag. We do not recommend washing your burlap bag in the washing machine.

The smells of jute

Basically, jute has a particular smell, but that’s what gives it its charm. Sometimes the smell may not be pleasant; after being worn, the bag no longer smells good.

It is advisable to air out your burlap bag, in the open air and lightly in the sun, for a few hours, in order to see a clear improvement in the smell of your bag.


In conclusion

The best thing to do is to preserve your bag and take care of it before stains appear and you need to wash it.

You will keep your jute bag for several years (average duration of 3 years), if you maintain it correctly!

Banning plastic bags: ECOBAG solutions

the 27/06/2016

ECOBAG would like to inform you about the new law in force concerning the ban on the use of plastic bags.

Too many thin plastic bags are thrown away after the first use. Thin plastic bags are often non-reusable: they are fragile and therefore deteriorate quickly. The waste of plastic bags is well known and contributes significantly to the increase in pollution. (they take up to 400 years to degrade!)



You will notice several changes:

July 1, 2016: thin plastic bags (<50 microns) will be banned at checkouts in supermarkets and small businesses (e.g. bakeries).
January 1, 2017: plastic bags for packaging fruit and vegetables will be banned.
Plastic bags larger than 50 microns are still allowed.



1. Kraft paper bags, several sizes, several colors and models. You will find something for all tastes in our “Boutique Bags” section. These bags are completely suitable for stores of all types, supermarkets, organic products stores, fruit and vegetable stores... Discover all our kraft paper bags by clicking here.
2. Jute bags: ecological, infinitely reusable and for several years (approximately 3 years), several designs, dimensions and models. Ideal for going to the market, shopping... ECOBAG allows you to personalize them in your image, with the printing of your logo on our jute bags. Discover our range of jute bags by clicking here.
3. Non-woven bags: ideal for shopping, markets or going shopping... The non-woven bag is a must! You will find all of our non-woven bags by clicking here.

You can also visit our ECOBAG website, for even more alternatives (fashion bags, burlap packaging for local products, boutique bags, etc.)

Our kraft paper, burlap and non-woven bags are 100% adapted to the new law!

Sugar cane range

the 26/03/2015

Sugar cane range

Tableware made from plant fibers from sugar cane.

Treated, the residual sugar cane fiber can be used to make around fifty plates.

Take advantage now of our range of vegetable tableware made from sugar cane.

Think organic, protect nature Range of fully biodegradable disposable tableware.

In starch, in sugar cane, in plant fiber.

For communities, associations, schools, caterers and all environmentalists...

the 17/09/2014

Thank you for your visit on our website ....

Our webstore ECOBAGSTORE is for every professionnal who cares about getting smart and original gift packaging.

Why Ecobagstore website ?

Find on our store thousands of references and visualize quickly our range of gift packaging, for bottles and also other local products. Bags, cartonboxes, wood packaging, kraft bags, jute bags... If you don't have beautiful packaging, you can't make great gifts !

Thanks to our website, we are able to offer quickly, and at the best prices for reasonnable quantity the best of packaging, and security payment. 

For further informations, special orders, printing packaging, don't hesitate to contact us ! 


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